Jane The Virgin : Season 1-4 | Collection

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Jane The Virgin : Season 1-4 | Collection

Jane The Virgin : Season 1-4 | Collection

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Rafael is a 31-year-old ex-owner of the Marbella Hotel and the biological father of Jane's child who has fallen out of love with his wife. Adorable meet-cutes, moments of genuine connection and meant-to-be signs from the universe are attached to both men, so much so that the viewer is kept guessing as the full five seasons unfold. Meanwhile, Jane continues to question whether Petra (Yael Grobglas) will be a fit mother, and her pursuit of the truth leads to an unexpected change in their relationship. It gets even worse when it's revealed that it's actually Petra that is paralyzed because Anezka drugged her and switched their identities.

To Rafael, Michael's the cop whose jealousy drives him to spend a year wrongly trying to pin the Sin Rostro drug empire on him, which mid-Season 2 culminates in Michael accusing Rafael of turning him in for letting his criminal partner go, then punching Rafael and throwing him through a glass table in front of Jane and Mateo. After realizing that Petra will soon be a part of her family, due to Petra carrying Mateo's twin half-sisters Jane begins to show concern and support for Petra. Hell Hotel: Invoked; the Marbella is slandered as a drug and murder hotspot in season two, while Petra and Rafael struggle to fix its reputation. Zaz is supposed to be Sin Rostro's point man until his murder in Chapter Two, then "Disgusting Tom" is a bellboy that may have been connected to his murder, but is murdered himself—apparently by Sin Rostro, if Tom's last words are to be believed—in Chapter Five.In fact, the show, set in Miami and revolving around a bilingual household of three generations of women, is a telenovela (loosely based on the Venezuelan Juana La Virgen), doubling as a loving satire.

Set in Miami, the series details the surprising and unforeseen events that take place in the life of Jane Villanueva, a hard-working, religious young Latina woman whose family tradition and a vow to save her virginity until her marriage to a detective is shattered when a doctor accidentally artificially inseminates her by mistake during a checkup. Completely averted with Xo, whose abortion is treated very casually, happening in between episodes without much fanfare. Alba (Ivonne Coll) is disappointed in Xo's (Andrea Navedo) handling of Rogelio (Jaime Camil), so Alba takes it into her own hands to stop Rogelio from trying to see Jane.Said word-for-word by the narrator in "Chapter Twenty-Three" to show Petra's state when she realises that her assistant Scott put Rafael's sperm sample in among the gifts in Mateo's nursery. After learning some lessons about spontaneity, communication, and processing one's loss of virginity, Jane and Michael are able to have mutually satisfying sex. Use the thumbs up and thumbs down icons to agree or disagree that the title is similar to Jane the Virgin.

On the Show Within a Show, Santos's reason for surviving his son's betrayal is through a combination of several telenovela cliches. Distracted by the Sexy: Rose treats Rafael's dad to a bit of outdoors undressing at the end of Chapter Twelve as a prelude to what's next. The second season ends with Rose being Not Quite Dead and running off with Luisa, Xo being pregnant, Anezka leaving Petra comatose and switching places with her, then sleeping with Rafael, and Michael being shot by Susanna on his and Jane's wedding night.Deliberate Values Dissonance: How morally reprehensible the messages in Rogelio's telenovelas sometimes are is presumably intentional. This dynamic between the three of them is highlighted in Chapter 15, which contrasts Jane and Rafael's fantasy whirlwind romance and her more grounded but genuine relationship with Michael. They were right that she faked her death, but Mia did it to escape Emilio and live a quiet life by a lake. Uncanny Family Resemblance: Gina Rodriguez plays both Jane and her great aunt, Alba's sister Cecilia.

The show’s beating heart is Jane’s relationship with her single mother Xiomara, or Xo (Andrea Navedo), an aspiring singer initially costumed in plunging necklines, peekaboo shoulders and glitter, and her undocumented Venezuelan Catholic grandmother, Alba (Ivonne Coll).Una Flor" by Juanes plays constantly over the pilot and is mentioned as the theme song to The Passions of Santos. Elsewhere, Rafael (Justin Baldoni) finds himself arrested after Petra (Yael Grobglas) files a complaint against him. The way that the scene was shot, with extreme close-ups of both as if they're in bed, only magnifies the implied content of the scene.

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