Heroes of the Space Marines (Warhammer 40,000 Novels)

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Heroes of the Space Marines (Warhammer 40,000 Novels)

Heroes of the Space Marines (Warhammer 40,000 Novels)

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Darren Cox's And They Shall Know No Fear was a fine piece of battle writing, dripping with heroism and sacrifice. This is very straightforward tale on crimson fists helping imperial guard while on their own mission. As much as he enjoys such hunts, he also despairs at his personal, seemingly eternal role in the Long War, apparently blinded to the easy way out by his Chaotic masters.

Headhunted' by Steve Parker - A Deathwatch kill team boards an Ork spaceship on a mission to assassinate the warboss. It features a prequel story to the Salamanders Series by Nick Kyme, a tie-in to the new Imperial Fists series by Chris Robertson, and new Deathwatch and Night Lords stories, and more. So a Black Legion's Scaevolla has a grudge against the imperial fists and so he hunts and kills them. I do like that the main character is one of the potential recruits and the conflict within the Night Lords force is also nicely done. In the grim darkness of the Warhammer 40,000 universe mankind is beset by foes in a galaxy wracked by eternal war.But this is a really good intro to many of the series the Black Library has going, so it's worth reading just for that - assuming you have any interest in the 40K universe, and if you don't why are you reading this anyway?

As with all anthologies some of the stories in this book are much better than others, and everyone will have different ideas about which are which. Ja, der Klappentext deutet schon an, dass es nicht nur um echte Space Marines sondern auch um die Verräter geht. These specialists provide vital support as honour guards and aides – Company Champions defend their Chapter's honour with martial excellence, Ancients guard its inspirational banners, and Company Veterans lay down hails of fire from relic bolt weapons.Machen wir es kurz: im WH40K Universum angesiedelte Romane, welche sich um Space Marines drehen, gibt es wie den sprichwörtlichen Sand am Meer – und das hier rezensierte HEROES OF THE SPACE MARINES ist eine etwas über 400 Seiten lange Anthologie mit Stories um diese Elitekrieger. In the wake of the Battle of Rynn's World, however, priorities may have changed for these sons of Rogal Dorn. An anthology of short works featuring the super-human warrior Space Marines and their evil counterparts, the Chaos Space Marines, includes contributions by such popular authors as Graham McNeill, Steve Parker, and Gav Thorpe.

All of those are the heroic Space Marine fluff style stuff that makes me want to die a hero, and that is exactly what I was looking for when I cracked the book.But are the Black Templars on Stygia to help the beleaguered defenders, or for their own sinister motives? The second story is `Gauntlet Run' by Chris Roberson which follows a squadron of Imperial Fist Scout Bikers as they race an Evil Sunz force across the desert.

I want a book about the heroes of the space marines to actually be about the heroes of the space marines. Finally One Hate is a rare example of an Aaron Dembski Bowden story that doesn't hit the mark, the crime in this case being that it's not very interesting. This was my first warhammer 40k book, and the only real thing it made me think was "Why would anyone even like the space marines? I believe the 8 I mentioned are good enough for even non-40k fans to read; pulpy, war-torn sci-fi reading! You can arm the Captain with a master-crafted bolter, plasma pistol, or neo-volkite pistol in one hand, and a power fist or power sword in the other.The Astartes are supposed to be the greatest embodiment of the Emperor's will, sworn to defend humanity at its darkest times. Honsou is on New Badab in the heart of the Maelstrom with the intention to win the Skull Harvest, a contest between warbands where the champions of said warbands fight each other to determine which leader gets control of each other's men. Honour among Fiends' by Dylan Owen is the fourth story of the collection and is easily one of the best in the book. What makes it so effective is that you can't blame them for doing what they did, making the ending all the more somber.

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