A-Level Physics: AQA Year 1 & 2 Exam Practice Workbook - includes Answers: superb for the 2024 and 2025 exams (CGP AQA A-Level Physics)

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A-Level Physics: AQA Year 1 & 2 Exam Practice Workbook - includes Answers: superb for the 2024 and 2025 exams (CGP AQA A-Level Physics)

A-Level Physics: AQA Year 1 & 2 Exam Practice Workbook - includes Answers: superb for the 2024 and 2025 exams (CGP AQA A-Level Physics)

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d. across a component when 1 J of electrical energy is changed into other forms when 1 C passes through the component the coulomb: the charge that passes a point in a circuit when a current of 1 A flows for 1 s resistance: ratio of the potential difference across component to the current in the component the ohm: the resistance of a resistor when a p. Two important types of electrical thermometer are the resistance thermometer and the thermocouple thermometer. For simplicity, we will suppose its mass is 1 kg and its speed is c = 500 m s −1: a Calculate the particle’s momentum. d Calculate the temperature at which the balloon would have exploded if it had not expanded as it was heated. Exam-style questions 1 A string is fixed at one end and made to vibrate by a vibrator close to that end.

c The area of the triangle represents the object’s additional displacement resulting from its acceleration. The light from the two slits is still coherent, even though it is now white and contains a mixture of wavelengths. e Explain whether energy losses to the surroundings mean that your estimated value for L in part c above is an under-estimate or an over-estimate. e Mark on your diagram the letter A at all the places where the resultant wave always has a maximum amplitude.

c Sketch a graph to show how you would expect the mass’s acceleration to vary with time, starting with the mass in its position of maximum negative displacement.

Student-focused scaffolding is provided at relevant points and gradually reduced as the Workbook progresses, to promote confident, independent learning. Copy the diagram and, using the same axes: a Sketch the variation with time of a wave with twice the amplitude; your wave should be in phase with the wave in the diagram. Gravitational potential energy and kinetic energy You can calculate the GPE and the KE of an object using these equations: Ep = mgh Ek = 21 mv2 In this exercise you will look at the derivations of these equations. Cambridge International AS and A Level Business Teacher's Resource CD-ROM (Cambridge International Examinations) [3 ed.

The ADC samples the analogue signal five times a second and converts the signal into a 4-bit number, such as 1001. a Copy the diagram and add an arrow to show the direction of the Earth’s gravitational force F on the object. Measuring speed in the laboratory You can measure the speed of a moving trolley in the laboratory using a ruler and a stopwatch. You can also find points on the left-hand side where the path difference is such that Q is further than P from the point chosen.

c When the frequency of the vibrator is doubled, the number of loops on the stationary wave changes from three to six. We publish textbooks, revision guides, workbooks and more for pupils aged 11–19+ who are studying for GCSEs, A-levels and many other qualifications.

TIP When using tickertape timers, think about whether to count the dots or the spaces between the dots. a Show that this leads to the equation for the gravitational field strength at a distance r from a point mass M: g = GM2 . c Draw the diagram and resultant again, with each wave having moved a further quarter of a wavelength in opposite directions. Channels of communication This exercise helps develop your understanding of the different ways and frequencies in which data is sent from place to place. Helps students understand what is required in an exam and develop the skills needed to be effective in an exam situation.

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